Which is the easiest way and easy route or easy highway to go from Delhi to Sonipat on a bike?

The easiest way to go from Delhi to Sonipat on a bike is to take the NH1 (National Highway 1). The NH1 is a well-maintained highway with a wide shoulder, making it easy to ride a bike on. The distance between Delhi and Sonipat is about 35 kilometers, and the journey takes about an hour by bike. Bike On Rent in Delhi Here are the Directions to go from Delhi to Sonipat on NH1:

1.     Start from Delhi at the ISBT Kashmiri Gate.

2.     Head east on Ring Road.

3.     Take the exit for NH1 towards Sonipat.

4.     Follow NH1 for about 35 kilometers.

5.     You will reach Sonipat at the GT Karnal Road intersection.

Here are some things to keep in mind when riding a bike on NH1:

·        Be aware of the traffic, as there is a lot of it on this highway.

·        Obey the speed limit, which is 80 kilometers per hour.

·        Wear a helmet and other safety gear.

·        Be prepared for the heat, as it can get very hot in Delhi during the summer.

Here are some other routes that you can take to go from Delhi to Sonipat on a bike:

·       NH8 (National Highway 8): This is a faster route, but it is also more crowded.

·        NH2 (National Highway 2): This is a longer route, but it is less crowded.

·        Delhi-Sonipat Expressway: This is a new expressway that is still under construction, but it is a good option if you want to avoid traffic.

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