Theatre Installation

We Create Immersive Experiences, Blending Technology and Artistry Seamlessly

Vaps Theatre Services is an expert in creating technical solutions for performance spaces like theaters. In order to increase productivity and engagement, we assist you in rethinking and reshaping your environments using the newest communication and collaboration technologies.

  • Theatre design consultancy
  • CAD, schematics & markup
  • Technical equipment specification
  • Budgeting
  • Project planning

Modernizing Your Venue

We start from scratch to optimize your performance space’s potential while staying inside your spending limit. We can assist with automating the environment around your theater, including the TV distribution, projection display, video conferencing, lighting, acoustics, and blinds.

Vaps Rental has the know-how to create a technological solution that simplifies the integration and management of each component of your performance space.

We love updating theaters with the newest design ideas and technology to enhance the experience for your audience. We work with top theaters and venues.

Theatre Installation

Vaps Theatre Services provides technical installation services to theaters, educational institutions, and performance spaces throughout Europe. With the help of sophisticated control systems, we can construct staging, trusses, lighting, sound, and engineering solutions to automate your space and create the ideal atmosphere for you.

  • Stages, trusses, drapes and blinds
  • Displays, screens and TV distribution
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Automation, performance controls and engineering
  • Temperature controls
  • Systems integrations

Quality Craftsmanship

Our specialty is creating environments that are engineered for live performances. Our reputation is based on the effectiveness, caliber, and security of our work. Our many years of experience, together with our strong client relationships, allow us to provide our clients with performance, durability, and outstanding value. craftsmanship in which we take great pride.

We would be happy to talk about your project, whether you’re renovating an existing performance space or creating a brand-new one.

Why not give us a call and see what we recommend?